Here's what you suggested and how we have responded

Thank you to everyone who has visited our website and let us know their thoughts, ideas and aspirations for the Silverthorne Lane site. It has been great to receive so many positive ideas and suggestions for the regeneration of this site on the eastern gateway to Bristol. Here's what you have told us so far, and how we have responded:

What you said How we responded
The school is urgently needed - when will it open? We are very conscious of the urgent need for this school. We will need to secure planning permission and then timescales will become much clearer.
Affordable housing is very important We agree. The residential element of the development will deliver affordable homes.
Historic features of the site should be retained and restored, including the red wall facing the canal. We are going to retain and restore the historic buildings on the site, including the canalside features such as the wall.
Pedestrian and cycle links through the development are very important We will be providing pedestrian and cycle links through the site, to link with existing and planned key routes.
High quality public space, including trees, is very important The regeneration of the site will deliver fantastic areas of open space on a site that has historically turned its back on the city.
The proposed new homes should be moved away from Motion nightclub
This was a very useful suggestion. We have amended the masterplan to move the office/commercial element to the plot closest to Motion, moving the residential elements further away to avoid any potential conflict.
Provide active frontages, with shops and community facilities We are planning to include active frontages at ground floor level through the development, could include shops, cafes and health provision.
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